Carlos F.

"I have Parkinson's and noticed how great it has been for my balance and tranquility"

Debbie F.

"High blood pressure greatly reduced"

Linette M.

"MS and cancer survivor. It has helped with balance problems and pain. It helps create a overall well feeling"

Dominique M.

"I have Fibromyalgia. There was an instant decrease with my pain. I feel my mood has changed because of Tai Chi. It's amazing"

Jorge V.

"Overall I enjoy feeling better from Tai Chi. It helps me feel calm and centered"

Conchita C.

" I suffered from vertigo and balance. After a few lessons the symptoms were easier to manage then went away"

Ellen F.

"I had a stroke four years ago amd had fear of walking because I would lose my balance. Since taking the Tai Chi classes, I no longer use a walker, my balance has improved and I walk all over.. Thanks to Tony, I feel wonderful."

Elaine L.

"Tai Chi has taught me the value of clearing the mind and has enforced the value of balance, both mental and physical."

Gail F.

"Tony gave us a  lesson 3 years ago in how to walk safely the Tai Chi way. It worked with me and I have used it ever since. My balance and feeling of safety has improved greatly because of him and his classes."

Blanca M.

"I feel lighter and my balance has improved."

Conrad D.

"For 15 years I have suffered from neurapathy which has affected my walking more every year. Until now. In Tai Chi class, Tony taught us the Tai Chi walk. I felt like it woke up my legs and feet and enabled me to walk almost normally, without a cane. Thanks"

Diana D.

"Ive had Tai Chi classes with Tony for about 5 years. Not only is it fun, but my balance and focus have noticeably improved. Best of all, some of the exercises he has taught us help me with my anxiety in everyday situations, such as being in a dentist's waiting room !"

Vanessa L.

"I have been practicing Tai Chi with Tony for several months and I can not stress enough how great my health is doing after starting. Tony is an amazing instructor who is very in tune with his students. When starting I had balance issues and muscle stiffness due to a neurological condition. After a few months of persistency I am doing much better with my Multiple Sclerosis and I have even been able to cut down on some of my medications. I am very grateful to have been taught Tai Chi by Tony."

Maggie S.

"As a women with MS, finding a physical activity that was beneficial to me physically, mentally and spiritually was a blessing. Tai Chi, studied and performed with Tony Garcia was where I found that blessing. From day one, over 10 years ago, until today, I recognize, appreciate and utilize the benefits of this art to improve my balance and coordination, to ease some muscle tightness and pain and to help me feel inner pease and calm. Thank You, Tony for your understanding and help."

Wendy C.

"Sifu Tony is a professional, dedicated teacher; he is serene and very accomplished in numerous forms of Tai Chi. His classes are easy to follow, warm and informative. I highly recommend Sifu Tony Garcia."